Beauty Salon at Dalgety Bay

Hair Salon & Nail Bar

At Dalgety Bay Care Home, we offer a blend of exceptional care and top-tier amenities. Among our offerings is our Hair Salon & Nail Bar, where residents can enjoy a range of hair and nail treatments, providing residents with a chance to indulge at their leisure. With a beautiful design, the salon provides residents with a tranquil ambiance with expert hair and beauty therapists ready to provide a great service.

Enhancing residents’ lives is of utmost importance to us which is reflected in every facility we provide at Dalgety Bay. Our dedicated staff members work hard to create an environment of luxury and enrichment, ready to provide support if residents require it.

Look & Feel Great Always

Residents can visit our hair salon & nail bar as regularly as they wish so they can always look and feel good. Whether residents fancy having a haircut, hair wash, perm, hand massage or manicure, our salon team can provide a range of beauty services. Our professional and luxurious salon is the perfect place to unwind, read a magazine or have a chat with one of our hair & beauty specialists and leave feeling the best versions of themselves.

Dalgety Bay Beauty Salon
Cutting Station at Beauty Salon

Prioritising Residents’ Well-being

At Dalgety Bay Care Home, we understand the importance of leading a fulfilling life even into our golden years. We are pleased to offer our residents with a combination of lavish amenities, all included in our fees. Our Hair Salon & Nail Bar offers a sanctuary of relaxation, encouraging residents to regularly indulge in looking and feeling their best. Enjoying life’s little luxuries can make a big difference to how a person feels day-to-day, that’s why we felt the salon was a must in our home.

Nail Polish on Shelving Unit
Hairstyling Tools

What You’ll Find at Dalgety Bay

In order to prioritise the comfort and well-being of our residents, our care home has been purposefully designed and constructed to offer a variety of facilities and services. This ensures that residents can lead fulfilling and enriching lives within our care environment.

Regular Appointments

Hair Styling

Beauty Treatments

Hair Salon & Nail Bar FAQs

Residents can book in for a number of treatments including a hair wash, cut and blowdry, hand massage, manicure and pedicure.

We have a team of qualified hairdressers and beauty therapists who offer appointments on a weekly basis. Residents can pre-book their appointments with a member of staff.

As part of our all-inclusive offering, visits to our in-house hair salon & nail bar are included in the weekly fee. This includes treatments and services such as haircuts, blowdries, manicures, and pedicures. Any additional treatments may incur a charge.

Person-Centred Care in a Comfortable Setting

In our care home in Fife, we take great pride in providing a wide range of care services. We are committed to our belief that each resident should have access to high quality care while also having the opportunity to engage in their hobbies, pursue interests, and form new friendships.

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